Graham Packer

25th October ’22

Good news! And just to confirm, ‘You’re no longer obligated to have your car serviced by the manufacturer’s Dealer, thanks to government legislation.

It’s a question we get asked frequently. So, just to be clear, as long as quality parts are used and fitted correctly, you have the freedom to choose where you want your vehicle serviced and/or repaired without voiding your warranty.

At Roy Hubbard Motors, we can not only perform the work to the same high standards, providing manufacturer-approved quality parts and follow their service schedule, but because we’re an independent company, it will usually be at a much reduced cost. So please talk to us for an estimate, reading the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Estimates:

We understand the importance of delivering a project efficiently while ensuring quality. When you contact us at Roy Hubbard Motors for a service or repair, we use the information you give us to create an estimate of your bill. Most of our labour times are based on manufacturer data, which is specific to new cars and our highly skilled technicians using specialised tools. However, it’s important to note that as a vehicle ages, issues such as corrosion and previous repairs can cause unexpected delays. While we’ll make every effort to address these problems as we go, larger issues may require additional time and cost, which will be passed on to you, the customer. If we encounter a problem, we’ll contact you promptly with a revised estimate, and we may temporarily halt the job if we can’t reach you. In the majority of cases, the original estimate we give will be your final bill, but sometimes, it’s just not possible and we need to tell you this ’cause we are always transparent with our customers.

Quality Service at Affordable Prices:

We take pride in offering main dealer quality service at a fraction of the price. Our prices are based on using manufacturer parts or original equipment (OE) quality parts. Additionally, our technicians are highly trained to ensure your vehicle receives top-notch care.

Programming and Coding:

Modern vehicles are equipped with complex computer systems, which may require software changes or updates during servicing or diagnostics. If such changes are necessary, our team will contact you to explain the nature of the update or fix and discuss the associated costs. Programming requires special precautions, including battery support and vehicle preparation, to ensure a smooth process.

While we make every effort to follow manufacturer procedures for programming, there is a slight risk of the vehicle not accepting the programme. In such cases, the customer will be responsible for the costs of rectifying the issue. It’s important to note that failure rates for programming are extremely low, but we want to inform you of the potential risks.

The programming process generally consists of two stages: the base programme, which runs the electronic control unit (ECU) and internal functions, and the calibration file or map, which the ECU uses to calculate necessary fueling. After programming is complete, additional coding or recommissioning may be needed, potentially incurring extra labour costs that may not have been initially expected.

Please be assured, at Roy Hubbard Motors, we always strive to provide quality service, total transparency, and reliable repairs for your vehicle, because we know our reputation depends on it.

Graham Packer – owner of Roy Hubbard Motors, Market Harborough