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Cylinder Head Skimming and Pressure Leak Testing: Keeping Your Engine in Top Shape

In the world of internal combustion engines, extreme forces and temperatures can take a toll on various components, often leading to failures. One critical area where this can happen is between the piston and the cylinder head. Over time, the intense heat and pressure of combustion can cause the cylinder head surface to warp, resulting in a blown cylinder head gasket. But fear not, we have solutions to this problem at Roy Hubbard Motors, namely ‘cylinder head skimming’ and ‘pressure leak testing’.

Skimming the cylinder head:

This involves resurfacing it to eliminate any warping. This process ensures a smooth and level surface for the new gasket to be fitted, preventing future leaks.

Pressure Leak Testing:

When it comes to pressure leak testing, our goal is to identify any leaks, whether they are internal or external. We achieve this by closing off the water outlets on the cylinder head and then pressurising it with compressed air at 60psi. This test allows us to determine if the cylinder head is leaking and assess its condition.

During the test, we gather vital information such as identifying internal or external leaks, examining the spray pattern, measuring the flow rate, checking for leak back, and assessing the electrical circuit. This comprehensive evaluation provides a clear picture of the cylinder head’s performance.

But why should you run this test?
Well, if you’re experiencing issues like misfiring, rough running, lack of power, poor starting, smoking from the exhaust, or even an illuminated engine fault light, it’s crucial to gain clarity before fitting any new parts. The pressure leak test helps pinpoint the root cause of these problems, allowing us to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend the necessary repairs to restore your vehicle to its optimal health.

So, if you want to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, consider cylinder head skimming and pressure leak testing as part of your regular maintenance routine and especially if you’ve been experiencing any of the problems mentioned above. It’s a pass or fail test that offers valuable insights and ensures your engine stays in peak condition.

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