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Ensuring Your Car’s Roadworthiness: The Importance of an MOT

In the United Kingdom, an MOT (Ministry of Transport) inspection is a legal requirement for vehicles that are older than three years. Administered by the DVSA, (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), this annual test has to meet strict criteria to determine if your vehicle meets the necessary standards for safety and the potential effect on the environment.  However, while the MOT certificate confirms your vehicle meets the necessary safety requirements at the time of the test, it should not be mistaken as a substitute for regular maintenance, nor does it guarantee continued roadworthiness throughout the certificate’s validity.

Our approved MOT Test Centre at our subsidiary company, ‘Complete Auto Solutions’ is where our skilled and DVSA recognised technician testers conduct accurate and fair assessments of vehicles.

The MOT test will consist of a comprehensive range of safety checks to include:

– Lighting and Signalling Equipment
– Steering (including suspension)
– Brakes
– Tyres and Road Wheels
– Seat Belts
– Body, Structure, and General Items
– Exhaust, Fuel, and Emissions
– Driver’s View of the Road

(For a complete list of the items covered in an MOT, you can refer to the official government website document here.)

Following the inspection
, a report or certificate is registered and given to you, indicating whether your vehicle has passed or failed the MOT test. If the MOT has failed, we will advise you of the reason and the necessary work needed to pass a re-test. If you choose to have the work carried out at Roy Hubbard Motors, the re-test will be free of charge.

Many vehicle owners choose to schedule their MOT alongside their annual service, allowing for simultaneous maintenance. For your convenience, it may be possible to offer you the use of one of our courtesy cars, enabling you to carry on with your daily routine while we take care of your vehicle.

If you would like to book your car for an MOT test, a service or repair or indeed have any questions, please contact us. Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain a roadworthy and safe vehicle.